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Please note the following tips to maximize the effect of Homeopathy treatment –
– Avoid coffee, alcohol and smoking while on homeopathic medication.
– You can take your vitamins and/or allopathic medication, while on homeopathic medication. Please make sure there is a gap of 30 minutes within both medicines. (Please – discuss with your practitioner for more details).
– Unless mentioned Q, all remedies can be taken directly under the tongue with the dropper provided.
– Please take your medication before or after food, within a gap of at least 15 mins.

Homeopathy is a holistic system of healing which stimulates your body’s own healing powers. Working on the emotional, mental and physical level a homeopathic remedy treats a patient as a whole and works to remove the underlying cause rather than prescribing a generalized medicine for just visible outer symptoms.

Made from natural resources, these remedies are environmental friendly, cruelty-free and come with no side effects.

One can see the results almost immediately for minor disorders. But in chronic cases where the person is exposed to the disease long before consulting a homeopath, it may take some time.

Here, a homeopath will clearly examine the symptoms and prescribe the remedy accordingly. So, it can be expected that the two persons with the same illness can have different recovery times.

Homeopathic remedies are prepared from a variety of natural resources which include vegetables, minerals, fruits, roots, nosodes- class of medicines prepared from bacteria, fungi, and virus, and some cruelty-free animal sources.

The homeopathic remedies are made through a process known as Potentization which uses a minimal quantity of these substances in heavily dilute state so as to make the solution safe even for babies and pregnant women.

Unlike western medicine which can create several debilitating effects in long run, homeopathy acts well both for acute and chronic illnesses without any side effects.

Western medicine acts on the symptom or disease label while homeopathy seeks to find the root cause linking it with the emotional, mental, physical patterns causing the symptoms to finally prescribe you with the most suitable remedy.

As it takes a holistic approach to treat a person, it sometimes even relieves a patient from such symptoms for which no known disease label is available.

As they are heavily diluted, homeopathic remedies can be taken along with western medicine also. Later on, when the body start reducing its dependency on the conventional medicine, the patient can be eventually shifted to homeopathy subject to consultation with a homeopath.

Homeopathic tablets are mild, highly diluted, and sweet sugary pills.
These characteristics make them safe not just for children but for infants also.
As homeopathy acts as a stimulant for the immune system, it also raises your child’s immunity to face illnesses and other such concerns as they grow up.

Yes, but conditions may apply.

If a person is taking conventional medicines for chronic illnesses, often times a homeopath would recommend him to take homeopathic remedies along with the conventional ones.

Rather than stopping the dependency on the conventional medicine abruptly, a well-trained homeopath would recommend the patient to slowly reduce their dosage as abrupt shifting can backfire. Depending on the severity of illness, homeopathic treatment can take some time to show visible healing effects.

After some time when the patient’s dependency on the conventional medicines is reduced, he can eventually shift to homeopathy.

Do consult a homeopath, if you have any such concern.

Acute illnesses are those which last for a short duration-usually several hours to weeks and are self-resolving.

A proper care must to taken from the beginning because if they persist, they can become chronic. Examples of acute diseases include a headache, cold, toothache, etc.

Chronic diseases persist for long usually one’s whole life, if left untreated. Homeopathic remedies treat these chronic diseases with the help of constitutional remedies.
Example of chronic diseases are cancer, diabetes, arthritis, anxiety, etc.

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