Homeopathy for Skin Diseases

Homeopathy for Skin Diseases

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A multitude of  skin diseases known to man can be caused by bacteria, fungi, parasites, and viruses. The origin of most of the skin diseases can be linked to genetic history, infection, hormonal imbalance or psychological problems.

Stress, though not specifically linked as a cause of any disease can aggravate inflammatory skin conditions.

Some common symptoms of skin diseases may include bumps, ulcers, sores, white patches, rash, scaly skin, etc.

If you consider homeopathy remedy for skin conditions, it looks on these symptoms just as an outer manifestation of some inner disturbance in the body. Personalized remedies, a speciality of homeopathy, is what allows to locate the exact cause linked to the skin disease.


Common examples of skin diseases are


  • Viral infections- Warts, measles, chicken pox and herpes
  • Bacterial infections-  Abscesses, folliculitis, and impetigo
  • Parasitical infections can be caused by fungi and lice
  • Autoimmune skin diseases- Lupus, psoriasis, and vitiligo


Unlike most conventional medicines, homeopathy addresses the physical and the psychological components of the body as a unified whole. Most common skin allergies include urticaria and eczema.

Treatments contained in western medicine system contain antifungal, antibiotics, antiparasitic and antiviral medicines which can harm the body organs in the long run. On the contrary, natural homeopathic remedies strengthen the immunity and stimulates the patient’s immune system itself for the self-healing to take place.

External medicines like ointments and lotions are not used by a homeopathic practitioner. Homeopaths believe such medicines only help to suppress the disease allowing it to return at a later date becoming more potent and harmful than ever. 


Skin diseases homeopathy remedy is very effective for the following conditions as


  • Allergic rashes such as Urticaria
  • Cysts and Boils
  • Dandruff and Hair loss
  • Vitiligo
  • Atopic dermatitis and Eczema
  • Psoriasis
  • Acne and Pimples


Homeopathy is very effective and has remedies that allows to manage nearly all of the known skin conditions.

Homeopathy treatment for skin diseases consists of solutions that are made such that they contain a healing memory to restore the natural chi force. No two patients can be recommended with the exact remedy as their symptomatic picture might be different.  Even though their outer skin symptoms may look the same but the homeopathic prescription can be different.

Therefore, we recommend you to consult a good homeopath who can analyze your case well such that the healing can be brought about effectively.

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Homeopathy for Skin Diseases